St Georges Church, Kew

A complex residential conversion of a derelict church in
west London into 21 unique luxury apartments.

The site of the late Victorian St George's Church and adjoining Grade II Listed Sarah Trimmer Hall has been brought back to life through its redevelopment into 21 new homes. Great care was taken to preserve the character of the original Victorian buildings while increasing the floor space sufficiently to make the development viable.

Due to years of neglect, much of the existing external stonework was in poor condition and required an extensive programme of specialist stone repair or replacement. Within the external walls, the proposals include a completely independent four-storey structure, whilst a new reconfigured roof structure facilitates the top floor and roof terraces.

The new elements make no attempt to blend, but instead contrast with the existing building, allowing the new and old to be clearly differentiated. The most striking interventions are the three-storey high metal framed, arched windows and a frameless glass entrance 'box'.

The project is currently under construction and is due to complete in 2017.

Ellis Miller Achitects St Georges Church, Kew
Ellis Miller Achitects St Georges Church, Kew