Our values remain consistent whatever the type of project, informing
every stage of the process to ensure a clear and refined outcome.

We believe that simplicity lies at the heart of good design. Achieving simple architecture can be difficult as designers tackle various technical and organisational challenges. Nevertheless we place simplicity at the heart of everything we do, resulting in buildings that are easy to use and elegant in their appearance.

Our ideas are informed by rigorous options analyses, lateral thinking and a clear focus on users. Once formed, we ensure those ideas remain the basis for every subsequent decision we make. This gives our buildings clarity, allowing them to be easily understood and enjoyed by everyone who uses them.

We always choose materials that are robust, appropriate and beautiful. We know that good architecture has spiritual as well as physical elements, and we therefore aim to create experiences that go beyond superficial finish. We create buildings and spaces that enable people to perform at their best.

We have long been recognised as pioneers in sustainable design and our approach has earned us important industry awards, including the RIBA Sustainability Award. We work with our clients to devise long-lasting, economically-viable solutions that help save energy, materials and reduce waste.

Effective communication is at the heart of what we do. We aim to be clear, appropriate and responsive. We use a range of tools from simple hand drawings through to a fully integrated BIM system. In today’s IT rich environment we believe that it is remains essential to have a face-to-face workshop or a chat on the phone.

We bring our experience of complex procurement and contractual administration processes to provide excellent support to clients. We take pride in ensuring that all of our projects are resourced with direct senior management input together with an experienced, skilled and committed team.