EllisMiller House Named in C20th Society's "100 Buildings 100 Years"



This year the Twentieth Century Society marks the completion of 100 years from the starting date of its coverage of British architecture in 1914. To celebrate they have published an online gallery which includes one building from each of these years, to show the diversity and brilliance of British modern architecture. It is a privilege to have one of our earliest buildings, EllisMiller House, included!

Elain Harwood writes the following profile:

The Fens resemble California only in their wide skies. Ellis-Miller, raised in Norfolk, nevertheless chose to build a steel-framed house after completing his training at the University of Liverpool. He was working for John Winter, whose influence is seen in the three-bay steel frame, one bay left open as a car port, with white chosen to contrast with the black fens.

The The central bay houses the living room and kitchen, and the other the study and bedroom/bathrooms. The front elevation is glazed to maximise the distant view of Ely Cathedral, while the others combine glass with profiled steel, which also lines the ceilings and internal partitions. The main and kitchen door are adjacent, so Ellis-Miller could enter one door and his muddy Dalmatian, Hector, the other.

The tiny house is simply and coolly elegant, reviving enthusiasm for cheap, architect-designed houses and leading to further commissions. It can now be rented for holidays.

Read on... www.c20society.org.uk/100-buildings/1991-ellis-miller-house-prickwillow-cambridgeshire/

05 July 2014